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Any hypo-caloric diet will result in weight loss and the most popular programs base their protocols on a “balanced diet” So why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off?

Let’s take the standard USDA recommendations of approximately:

  • 60% of calories derived from “good carbohydrates”
  • 25% from protein
  • 15% from “healthy fats”

Now, reduce the amounts in half (keeping the ratio of nutrients the same), we will have a “balanced diet” with one-half the calories. Result….people will lose weight.

But there are a few problems with this seemingly logical approach.

First, if we continue to replenish the glycogen (sugar) stores every day (60% of calories coming from carbohydrates, most of which will be converted to glucose in our bodies) our fat burning will stop until that has been depleted. This will lead to an erratic, irregular weight loss.

Second, and more importantly, decreasing the amount of recommended protein consumption will lead to muscle loss. This is never a good thing as muscle also helps us burn fat amongst many other things.

Now, as blood-sugar drops (from the decreased calorie intake) the body will burn fat but will also break down muscle via gluconeogenesis as a way to maintain proper glucose homeostasis.


“Last July my female doctor had my weight as 199 lbs…most I have ever weighed in my life.  I went to her in June this year and my weight was 166 lbs!!  I have lost body fat, gained muscle mass, and am buying all new clothes because nothing I had fits anymore!  I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to make this change to become healthier…lose weight…or overcome chronic pain to please give them a call.  Their knowledge of the body and the nutrition we feed it is immeasurable!”

 – Jessica M.

As we lose muscle (not just skeletal but heart muscle tissue) our metabolism slows. This is never a good thing.

If and when the reduced calorie dieters have achieved their goal weight, what is the predictable result?

They go back to eating a “balanced diet” with normal portions but their metabolism is now slower and they regain the weight, often times ending up heavier than when they started the diet. This doesn’t work!

The Solution…

Our customized protocols take a different approach – for a relatively short time we will use an “unbalanced diet”. We keep the minimum daily protein requirement the same (roughly 1/2 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight) and build the diet around this.

This is not a “HIGH PROTEIN DIET”. We provide only the minimum and we do this to spare the muscle. Muscle loss during a diet is not acceptable to us.

Next, if we want to lose fat we would logically need to eliminate most fats from the diet (but giving ample amounts of essential fatty acids).

We are left with carbohydrates. Because we do not want to replace glycogen stores, we keep these at a BARE MINIMUM, approximately 25-35 grams per day.

This forces the body to stay in the “fat-burning mode” 24 hours a day and is therefore called a “ketogenic diet”.

Our dieters will consume 2 to 6 cups of non-starchy vegetables and 2 green salads daily. This will provide fiber to prevent constipation and they will be given a multi-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sea salt to ensure proper electrolyte balance.

We only provide what they would normally be getting from food groups that we are temporarily taking away (i.e. dairy, fruits and grains).

Additionally, we understand that not everyone is built the same way and responds the same way. 

Our weight loss program includes any necessary diagnostic testing (blood, saliva, stool) to determine specific needs of the individual which allows us to customize the plan to achieve the fastest, safest results.


Type I diabetics, there’s still an option for you too. We’ve developed an “Alternative Customized Protocol” which is suitable for Type I diabetics.

This program is similar to the ketogenic diet but with the addition of a dairy, fruit and grain serving every day to prevent the patient from going into a state of ketosis.

Because Type I diabetics do not produce insulin, a risk of ketoacidosis exists and these patients should never be placed on a ketogenic diet. Type I diabetics still experience a safe, high rate of weight loss while sparing the muscle as the ketogenic dieters and will usually find they can substantially decrease their insulin needs.

Ready to Get Started?

So, if you are overweight, tired, or simply unhealthy, it’s time for a change.

Millions of Americans are caught in an obesigenic world that is plagued with fast food options around every corner, poor eating habits, a general lack of activity, high stress environments, insufficient sleep, and a “sick-care” health system.
In this un-supportive environment, it is no wonder that two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight, and the predicted health of future generations is even more uncertain.

Ideal weight is not only important, but vital to our overall health. We make navigating through the nutritional maze of healthy eating manageable and easy!

Our approach at Green Life is a proactive, anti-aging strategy focused on quality with results backed by scientific research.

Our weight loss program works with the bodies natural, hormone response to the quality of foods consumed and the timing in which they are consumed. We provide you with the tools you need to reduce body fat, and preserve lean muscle through a superior, nutrient delivery system, and the elimination of toxins in the body.

Better weight and nutrition will change the way you feel, look and most importantly, give you a better quality of life which is what Green Life is all about! Now is the time to Live your Life!


Hear what others have to say…

 “Working with the team at Green Life for the last year has been life-changing after 20 years of chronic pain and frequent adjustments following a weight lifting injury. Their whole patient view is unique in my experience, and their combination of knowledge of the body and the use of multiple modern techniques and equipment got me out of pain for the first time in a long, long time. Lastly, I did their diet program last year and was able to lose 25lbs of fat while increasing muscle. Dropped my body fat from 20% to 10%. Always pleasant and always delivering quality, the doctors Green and their team are the best.” ~Nate R.

“I began my weight loss journey on January 16, 2016 with the support of my family, my friends and most importantly, Dr. Mary Beth. While I believe that weight loss success depends heavily on ones mental preparedness, you also need a solid, comprehensive plan as a foundation to take the first step. The ketogenic plan that Green Life and Dr. Mary Beth promote is a perfect fit for me and my personality. While most plans emphasize portion control, counting calories and fat intake, this plan encourages a healthy lifestyle through weekly monitoring of body fat, body muscle mass, and hydration levels. Basically, you are following a path to not only lose pounds on the scale but ensuring the quality of that loss. Building muscle mass while dropping body fat is the key element of this program. In 16 weeks I have lost 50 pounds, dropped 11% body fat, increased muscle mass 6%, lost close to 27 inches and have never felt better!!! I am very grateful to Dr. Mary Beth and Green Life for introducing me to this lifestyle and constantly supporting me every week with tips, strategies, and nutritional advice. This is definitely a lifestyle I will continue for years to come!!” ~Polly A. 

“Last summer when I began the clinical weight loss program through GreenLife, I was a moderately active woman in my early twenties. I thought my lifestyle was already healthy, so I didn’t think I’d have much weight to lose but began the program to make sure my body was functioning at optimum health. Imagine my surprise when I lost 7 pounds in the first week! Over the course of a couple months, I lost inches around my waist, thighs, and arms. Although I naturally gained some weight back as I introduced carbs back into my diet, I have maintained a much more active lifestyle and nutritious diet. I’m feeling more energized, I’m sleeping more soundly, and I finally believe that wellness is attainable.” ~Victoria W.


“At the beginning of last summer, I joined Green Life’s clinical weight loss program as part of their first group to jump-start “getting healthy” before my wedding this summer. I thought I only had five pounds to lose, so I didn’t tell myself I was doing it was to lose weight at all. But after losing four pounds in the first week, I re-evaluated my body’s potential. I’ve always thought that carrying extra and unwanted weight was my genetic destiny and that any healthy eating and exercise could merely slow the progress of weight gain. That’s a depressing thought as an active 22-year-old! The ketogenic diet opened my eyes to what my body is capable of. I lost 16 pounds, meeting my goal weight of 162 pounds, after two months on the program–including a three-week vacation and a couple of minor cheats. 😉
It was satisfying to watch my measurements shrink and percentage of muscle increase. After just a few days of eating low carb, I felt my abs were tighter, and it was easy to be aware of the strength of my core throughout the day. Beyond the improvement to my physical body, my mind was sharper, my mood was happier, and I had loads of energy. I would fall asleep quickly and easily at night and wake up refreshed without an alarm the next day. Aches and pains vanished from the combination of the anti-inflammatory diet and the chiropractic I received from the Docs.
Following my transition off the food plan, I had to strike a new balance between exercise and food to offset my increased carb consumption. I miss the structure of the ketogenic diet but am grateful for the knowledge I can now bring to the variety of food options at the grocery store and restaurants. My mindset was transformed by my weight loss experience with Green Life. I know now that my body is responsive to the activity and food I provide for it, and my mind and experience in the world is reflective of my choices.
Thanks, Green Life!” ~Alexandra W.

“I have always been a “big girl” and thought it was just my fate in life. I have tried virtually every diet available and none have worked. Some have helped me lose weight but then I would gain more than I lost. The yoyo never stopped. With the help of Dr. Marybeth, I am not only losing weight faster than I ever could have imagined, but I am also being educated every step of the way on how to continue dropping the pounds and how to keep them off.  I am too embarrassed to say where I started but I am shouting, to everyone who will listen, that I have lost 26 pounds and 17.25 inches in just 2 months!!!
I can now keep up with my 3 grandchildren and that is PRICELESS!” ~Pam G.


“Dear Green Life,
I am almost 30 days into the Ketogenic weight loss program and I have lost 17 lbs.  In college, I gradually put on unwanted weight.  At the beginning of college I weighed 195 lbs.  By the time I finished I weighed around 260 lbs.  Once I started graduate school, my weight increased even more.  When I am preoccupied with school or work, I eat very poorly.  I weighed in for the first time with Green Life, after a year of graduate school, at 274 lbs.  I was the heaviest I have ever been.  Now I am down to 257.  In just one month I have successfully reversed the damage I have done to my body over the past year.
The hardest adjustment I had to make on the Ketogenic diet was following the strict dietary restrictions the diet placed on me.  It was difficult at first to buy different groceries, get used to new tastes, and be satisfied with less.  However, after the first two days I found a routine that worked for me and I could stick with.  The hunger I felt my first day subsided and my body got used to the new portion sizes.
Even after I transition out of Ketosis and back to a normal diet, the discipline I learned will help me make better decisions, even when work and school become overwhelming.
Michael S.      “


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