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Physical Therapy in Annapolis, MD

Physical therapy can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where the idea of manual manipulation of the body for pain relief was introduced by Hippocrates in 460 B.C. Over the subsequent centuries, the practice of physical therapy spread across the world to become a diverse discipline utilized to restore and rehabilitate the body’s many systems, primarily the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems.

Whether you are experiencing a chronic condition or are recovering from an injury, physical therapy may be the solution for you. If you believe that you require physical therapy in Annapolis, MD, our specialists are here for you.

How Does Physical Therapy Work?

At Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness, we take physical therapy and performance therapy to another level. We are proud to offer a wide variety of traditional and modern approaches to pain relief for individuals of all ages, from the youngest children to individuals well into their years. These treatments are specially designed to not only resolve pain but also correct dysfunction in a quick and efficient manner.

Our complete selection of treatment solutions include:

Studies show that a combination of physical or performance therapy with ongoing patient education and post-therapy support from your physician can work wonders on your recovery process. There is virtually no physical limitation that the average individual cannot overcome with a dedicated and professional support system.

Why Choose Us for Your Physical Therapy Treatment?

Our state-of-the art treatment area provides patients with fast pain relief options through proven methodology. Additionally, Dr. Brandt Green is equipped with advanced knowledge and extensive experience in creating custom physical therapy solutions based on patients’ individual needs.
To experience the difference of our physical therapy in Annapolis, MD, please do not hesitate to call or email us at Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness today.

Physical Therapy Annapolis MD - GreenLifeChiro

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