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FMT – Fascial Movement Taping

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At Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness, we are certified to utilize FMT Basic and FMT Performance protocols to help decrease pain faster and to keep you moving stronger and longer.

Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) is a method of movement taping (sometimes confused with kinesiotaping) that is designed to help facilitate proper movement as a primary goal. This differs in other methods that tape muscles instead of movements.

The purpose of FMT is 3 fold:

1. Pain mitigation

2. Decompression

3. Neurosensory Input

Pain mitigation or reduction with FMT is by way of the pain-gate theory. The pain gate theory is pretty simple. Pain (stimulus) activates pain nerves in the tissue that send information to the brain to be processed. Pain fibers are relatively small and slow. These are type C fibers. With no other stimulus, pain is felt and processed in the brain.

When taping stimulates proprioceptors and other sensory receptors in the skin, these sensations are faster and stronger than the type C pain fibers. The result is a pain-gate effect. When larger, strong proprioceptive and movement signals reach the brain, they close the gate on the pain fibers from reaching the brain.

A simple example is when you smash a finger and you shake your hand to make it feel better or you bump your elbow and you rub it to make it feel better. Movement overrides pain. The tape serves as the proprioceptive stimulus that closes the pain-gate.

Decompression has two primary effects on the tissue. It lifts and relieves pressure from nerve endings as well as lifting and creating volume that allows improved circulation. Decompression is created during the specific application of the tape that creates surface tension on the surface of the skin.

The Neurosensory Input component of FMT ties in with the pain mitigation. Tape on the skin is constant stimulus of proprioception to the brain letting it know where you joints and tissues are in space at all times. This is very helpful when learning new motor or movement patterns to correct painful and non-painful dysfunction.

These 3 components are why FMT is so popular with pain patients as well as performance athletes (take note next time you watch an Ironman or marathon).

FMT is a fantastic tool that adds to our arsenal of pain relief and performance techniques. We use this in all phases of care to improve results and recovery time.

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