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“It has been a first-rate experience with the staff at Green Life. This is more than just getting a five-minute adjustment and heading back out the door. The treatment approach is pretty comprehensive and innovative. The environment is positive and inviting plus the doctors do an excellent job evaluating and monitoring progress.”
~R. Eccles July 2016
“Green Life is the best!! Probably one of the best decisions I could have made medically was when I started going to Green Life almost a year ago. Originally I had gone as a last resort for chronic shoulder pain after I had exhausted all options, and was open to trying something new. What I didn’t expect was to be immediately blown away by the level of detail and care at which the doctors tend to your ailments. Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth are extremely knowledgeable and have a passion to help their patients using methods that are healthy and restorative. Their additional staff, Colby (LB) and Pam, are also wonderful and helpful and make you feel cared for at every visit and Jessica and Emily are very welcoming the moment you walk in the door. I highly recommend going for any neck or shoulder pain over any other options out there.”
~M. Bielefeld July 2016
“I started at Green Life in hopes of losing weight, but I really have gotten so much more out of it! I am losing weight and I am thrilled with that, but even more happy with the way I feel. I used to fight falling asleep during the middle of the day (even while driving) and now, I have so much more energy and I just feel GREAT! I joke that I feel like I am on a constant “runner’s high”, but that is how great I feel. The weight loss is fantastic, but the improvement in my quality of life is just absolutely amazing! No amount of words can actually convey how much better I feel, but this has absolutely changed my life.”
~J. Nelson July 2016
“Everything about Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness is wonderful. Jessica at the front desk welcomed me and made my first visit a breeze for checking in. Both she and Emily are welcoming and helpful, more so with each visit. Dr. Steele and Dr. Green immediately identified my problem and began treatment right away. Colby and Pam are very instructive, caring and professional as they lead you through the varying treatments and exercises. Your comfort and safety are always an important consideration of the entire staff. The atmosphere is open, friendly, geared towards healing and wellness and it’s working for me! I’m very happy with my progress and grateful Green Life Chiropractic was recommended to me.”
~M. Redmiles July 2016
“Working with the team at Green Life for the last year has been life-changing after 20 years of chronic pain and frequent adjustments following a weight lifting injury. Their whole patient view is unique in my experience, and their combination of knowledge of the body and the use of multiple modern techniques and equipment got me out of pain for the first time in a long, long time. Lastly, I did their diet program last year and was able to lose 25lbs of fat while increasing muscle. Dropped my body fat from 20% to 10%. Always pleasant and always delivering quality, the doctors Green and their team are the best.”
~N. Russ July 2016
“This place is amazing. I have been looking for a chiropractor that actually takes care of their patients. I have pain in my neck which has caused other painfully internal problems such as really bad headaches on the left side of my head which came frequently. Since I have started going my headaches has shifted and are not as severe and severe. I can continue to do daily activities without my headaches getting in the way of my happiness. I cannot say thank you enough to both Dr. Marybeth and Dr. Green for everything they have done for me so far. It is amazing what a good doctor can actually do for someone. If you are looking for an outstanding chiropractor and wellness doctor you should look no further you have found the best around the area!!!”
~M. Hendrix June 2016
“I came to Dr. Green because I’m very active and seem to always have an issue whether its muscular or structural. I noticed that Green Life Chiropractic offered an array of services so I thought they would be best to address my needs.

After the first visit I knew I found a chiropractor and wellness center that I could count on. Not only are they thorough in diagnosing the problem areas, they also use multiple modalities and implement several exercises and techniques that are essential for correcting a problem long term.

The entire staff is very friendly and goes above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns.”

~B.C. June 2016
“I have been going to Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness for several months and am extremely thrilled with their Holistic approach to functional wellness. The staff here completely understands that health is Holistic and Integrative. The combination of PT with Chiropractic truly is helpful in healing injuries and restoring movement. Dr. Green is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the body and health, nutrition and new modalities of healing…..And the staff if friendly and encouraging…just excellent! I highly recommend!!!”
~J. Zimmerman June 2016
“Wonderful!!!! I started coming here 2 1/2 months ago and I feel so much better!!! My posture, an issue I did not know about, is now receiving compliments from family and coworkers after a few adjustments, tips, and a lift for my left shoe. I also can stand and walk for longer time periods without any discomfort. My hip and lower back issue, the reason I came, is now ‘a two thumbs up’ great!!! Which has taken me to the next level with my cross fit training and basic lifting. The doctors are very knowledgeable, engaging, and kind. The assisting staff is informative and a delight as well. Their patient approach and treatment area is relaxing, refreshing, and fosters valued results. I am really grateful and they are really wonderful!!!!”
~Z. Coleman May 2016
“Drs. Mary Beth and Brandt strike a comfortable balance between professionalism and personable. I think the calm environment lends a hand to this feeling, too. As a very pregnant lady with on-and-off back pain, I owe so much relief to the Green Lifers, including Pam and Colby! Thanks to the Green Life crew, I’m inspired to stretch more and life a more holistic life now.”
~L. Maddux May 2016
“Dr. Green and Dr. Marybeth use a unique holistic approach to chiropractic services, combining a number of modalities to achieve positive results quickly. They are geared towards long-term rehabilitation and educating their patients. They understand athletes as well as regular folk. And beyond that, they’re friendly and supportive. It’s a pleasure going for an adjustment!”
~D. Langheld May 2016
“I’m 51 years old and had been having shoulder issues due to my job. Dr Green did an amazing job of getting me out of pain and back to working at full capacity again. The laser sessions worked miracles in conjunction with the regular adjustments. I can’t say enough about the doctors and the staff and the personal attention received to make me the healthiest me!
Tom G.”
~April 2016
“I am proud to say my whole family’s treated by Dr. Green’s and. Dr. Mary Beth Chiropractor. With daughters that are gymnast it really helps their spine and body alignment. So they’re able to withstand the rigorous training on their bodies that Gymnastics requires. I know that it’s also helping them in the future, when Gymnastics is no longer a priority in their lives. As far as it goes for chiropractic treatment really helped my anxiety and depression that I’ve been suffering with for years. Relieving the tension in my neck, spine, and lower back with chiropractic treatment. I must say was the perfect non medicating, non operational treatment for me.
All praises and thank you go to Dr. Green, Dr. Mary Beth, Mrs. Pam and the whole staff at Green Life Chiropractor.
Torra Antoine Mia and Victoria Williams ” 
~April 2016
“I started going to Green Life about a year ago after my husband started going for an injury. I didn’t know much about chiropractors when I started and didn’t know what to expect. Now, I believe that Green Life is an amazing practice and is not your ‘run of the mill’ chiropractic practice. They seem more natural, more concerned about overall well being, fitness and health. Now I feel that everyone should see a chiropractor- and would be best served by Green Life.
Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth are the perfect team. Since I have been going, I became pregnant with our first baby and also developed an injury while pregnant which has been debilitating. Dr. Mary Beth is very passionate and knowledgable about maternity care which has been awesome during my pregnancy. Between both of their expertise and skills- they have helped me immensely and done everything they can to make sure I am as comfortable as possible.
They are super laid back but professional and the schedule is extremely flexible. My husband and I both have crazy work schedules and we have never not been able to get an appointment.
Green Life has helped my husband and I and we find that our week is not complete if we have to skip a visit to Green Life. I really can’t say enough and think that everyone should go for at least a consultation.”
~L. DiVanna April 2016
“My Experience at Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness has been extremely positive. I’ve been seeing Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Green for well over a year and my overall health and well-being is 100 % improved with regular adjustments and treatments. The Greens are professional, kind and seriously interested in helping people. I was in a very bad automobile accident 5 years ago. I was in an escalating downward spiral of traditional pain treatment and physical therapy. I knew in my heart there was something or someone who could help me; I just didn’t know where to turn. I desperately needed a different set of eyes on my health. Prior doctors had all but given up on possible ways to treat my chronic pain which was ruining my life. I was depressed, emotionally distraught, immobile, and gaining weight at new levels. I could walk with a cane, but it was often too painful so I remained in a wheelchair most of the time.
I decided to try chiropractic and the Green Life Chiropractic doctors and staff immediately appealed to me. I could tell right away I wanted to work with this team of dedicated doctors. I was delighted with the initial results of an x-ray evaluation and subsequent consultation outlining a plan of action based on pure scientific input. The x-rays showed my left leg shorter than the right leg. My left leg was crushed in the accident and contained titanium rods, coils and pins. My pelvis was fractured in four places. What so amazed me was not one of the dozens of prior practitioners, whether surgeons, physical therapists, or specialized medical professionals noticed that the excruciating pain I lived with on a daily basis may have been exacerbated by the discrepancy in leg length. Dr. Mary Beth suggested a corrective “lift” in my left shoe to even out my pelvis and scoliosis. As a result, the pain diminished by over 80%. Wow! The follow-up x-rays showed an almost perfect alignment of my pelvis and spinal column. Now I walk everywhere without a cane. The Green’s created a miracle for me! I have nothing but gratitude for their work. That was the first huge improvement.
Then I decided on a course of regular adjustments at Green Life which also included traction, exercises, and compression boots. I became more aware of how much a good vertebral alignment affects my happiness. I received ongoing education and guidance on how I could improve my overall health. I just feel so much better when my spine moves freely, resulting in the rest of my body moving better. My chronic neck and back pain are all but gone. That was a real eye-opener. The purely functional approach to chiropractic wellness based on evidence and knowledge really works for me. Everything the Greens do is based on a system of functionality. Because I have a “drop foot” Dr. Green will also, on occasion “work out” the bones in my feet and knees. I usually walk out of the office feeling like I’m walking on air. Lately, Dr. Green has found me appliances and foot braces that are specific to my needs to help me improve my mobility.
Lastly, it was suggested that if I lost some weight, my knees and legs, as well as overall health would benefit. I tried their Paleo weight loss approach and I did lose about 12 lbs. My knees don’t hurt anymore and it’s easier for me to walk. Apparently my adjustments “take” better with less body inflammation and fat weight. Not only has the weight loss improved my mood and self-esteem, the reduction in inflammation has reduced my pain. This, as well, is a huge positive outcome as a result of seeing the doctors at Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness. I very highly recommend Dr.’s Mary Beth and Green. They are the best!”
~B. Young April 2016
“I love Green Life Chiropractic! I used to be a chiropractic assistant and I am very particular about who I will go to and trust…and I take my entire family to Green Life! I have had chronic low back pain and other issues associated with this, and Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth have been very professional, compassionate, and patient with me. They really listen to what you have to say, and they take every step to help correct the problem…not mask it. I have referred MANY of my friends to them and ALL have contacted me saying thank you! It’s a great feeling when I know I can really trust who I refer people to!”
~J. Matlick Mar. 2016
“Drs. Brandt and Mary Beth, and the Green Life Team, are great to work with, and they provide helpful advice for improving flexibility and keeping my body in top shape. I highly recommend them.”
~L. Pelican Mar. 2016
“I have been really impressed with everyone at Green Life. I have been going to chiropractors off and on for around 25 years, and this is the first time I’ve really had a comprehensive evaluation and a treatment plan with a goal of really correcting my issues instead of just giving a quick adjustment. I love that they analyze my data , use it to develop a specific goal, and then incorporate a variety of methods to meet that goal. I also really appreciate the way both doctors try to educate the patients about why they are using a certain method. If you have considered going to a chiropractor or tried chiropractic medicine in the past and been disappointed, I would strongly recommend that you visit Green Life.”
~A. Benson Mar. 2016
“The doctors and staff here are kind, caring, and truly invested in their clients’ health and well-being. I have been coming here weekly for a few months now and I couldn’t feel more comfortable with the services provided. I have a treatment plan unique to me and my physical needs, along with progress checks and meetings with detailed feedback. I see and feel positive results every day/visit and I know I’ll only continue to get closer to my 100%, if not 110%. I’d highly recommend Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness!”

~S. Nealey Mar. 2016

“I highly recommend GreenLife!! I have been living in chronic pain for over a year with headaches, jaw, shoulder and neck pain with limited mobility. I was so tired of living in pain and was searching for some relief as well as a long term solution. At my first appointment, Dr. MaryBeth was extremely professional, knowledgeable, happily talked through my issues and quickly identified a treatment plan. At each appointment, I performed simple, effective exercises/stretches along with my adjustment with Dr. Green. I was surprised at how quickly I began to feel better. After each appointment, I experienced increased mobility, less pain and no more headaches! I feel great and will happily refer my friends and family to Dr’s Mary Beth and Green!”

~S. Santos Jan. 2016

“I have had a long-standing lower back problem, but over the last couple years I started having neck pain. The situation culminated with both issues coming together resulting in severe radiating pain down my left arm and nerve pain down both legs. I could barely move. I entered the medical system through an orthopedic surgeon and was referred to a spinal surgeon and a physical therapist. I sought another opinion from another surgeon… everything was pointing in the direction of surgery. I had never had chiropractic care, and it was only until a patient of mine recommended looking into it that I considered it. I feel so fortunate that the referral was to Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness. This is not just chiropractic care, it’s all about wellness. Within two appointments, my pain levels dropped significantly. Now, I am pain free and working with the doctors and staff to improve my spinal health. A word about the staff… so many health care facilities are staffed with employees providing services. The staff at Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness get the picture… health care is about caring for people. It’s a people business. This office gets it. My treatment is progressing beautifully. Through exercises, stretching, good nutrition and chiropractic manipulation we are on the road to a healthy spine. Think about it… that stack of bones is responsible for keeping us upright and active. If you are having issues with your spine, I would recommend contacting Dr. Green, Dr. Mary Beth and the professional staff at Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness.”

~Dr. J. Passaro Jan. 2016

“I recently started going to Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness for lower back and hip pain. I have been receiving spinal decompression and manipulation along with exercises that have made a remarkable difference in only a few weeks.
Both Drs, Green and Steele and their staff have made this such a positive experience and I am so grateful that I found them.”
~P. Lookingland Nov. 2015

“I have a lot of injuries and Green Life keeps me going. I was on drugs from traditional doctors for 10 years since my most significant injury and have not had any “progress”, just sustained functionality. After seeing Dr’s Green I have been off the pills and feeling better than I have in YEARS. Other conventional doctors prescribe drugs to relieve pain, often just masking real issues. Green Life cares about your overall/long term health. Just this past weekend I aggravated one of my injuries. Worried I hurt myself bad, and worried I would spiral back into the pill solutions, I saw Dr Green first thing Monday morning. I walked out feeling 1,000 times better and motivated. They keep me playing on the floor with my kids.”

~E. Cas Nov. 2015

“In late 2012, I started experiencing joint pain, upper and lower back pain; in addition my hands started falling asleep every night. I went to several doctors who did a series of tests (MRI’s, X Rays) and also tried several medications to no avail. I went through some physical therapy as well which did not result in any long term relief. I continued to search for answers until Nov, 2014; the doctors really couldn’t find anything wrong. While getting a massage, my therapist suggested I try Green Life Chiro. I had had short term success with chiropractic care in years past so decided to give it another try. Dr. Green did an exam and xrays and showed me how my neck was leaning forward, essentially causing a lot of strain/weight on my upper body. In addition, my posture was not straight causing my body to “lean”. I work in front of a computer 40+ hours a week which was likely causing a lot of the issues. Green Life developed a specific plan for me including in office care and at home exercises. Within 3 months I was no longer experiencing joint pain and my hands no longer went numb while sleeping. I am now on a maintenance program with Green Life where I go in once every 4 weeks or so for an adjustment. Their office is unlike any that I have heard of or experienced. They truly care about their patients well being; they have the latest technology; they are very interactive with their patients, demonstrating new exercises and explaining exactly what they are doing and why. I always feel I learn something new when I am there. I highly recommend their practice.”

~P. Joyce Oct. 2015

“Great place, great people. Highly recommend it! I’ve been going for almost a year from post natal back issues and they helped immensely. Now I go mostly to keep up with it and keep my back in good form!”

~A. Murray Sept. 2015

“Green Life has changed my life! I’ve suffered chronic pain from sports injuries for years and have seen a variety of Chiropractors, Orthopedics, and Physical Therapists where I have failed to find a solution. Green Life has provided me a plan to improve my posture, alleviate pain, and reduce stress that has actually worked! I absolutely love and swear by the staff where I will remain a loyal customer for as long as I’m in the Annapolis area!

If you want promising change, improvement, and a staff that truly cares this is the place to go!”

~J. Stachitas Sept. 2015

“I found GreenLife Wellness when I was about 10wks pregnant. I was having excruciating back pain – to the point I could barely move. I wanted some where local to me as I am in Calvert Co, The Chiro that I first went to was zero help – in fact he made my issue worse. I googled “pregnancy chiropractor” and stumbled across GreenLife. What a blessing in disguise that was! Dr Mary Beth got me in right away… 10 min after I called to make the appointment to be exact 🙂 She adjusted me throughout my pregnancy and gave me almost immediate relief! I cannot say enough about how amazing and gentle she was me. HIGHLY recommend for all pregnant women 🙂 I cannot speak for regular back issues, but I am positive Dr Green and Dr Mary Beth can help many suffering from back/spine issues. I will be going back for my postpartum alignment soon! I love the “walk in” atmosphere vs your typical doctors office. Barely any wait time. In and out!”

~B. Weems August 2015

“I came in with chronic neck and shoulder pain, which I had just learned to live with, and some hip pains after having a baby. Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Brandt really took their time assessing my problems and talked to me about helping me fix the problems long term and beyond just a series of adjustments. They took the time to show me exercises that I could do at home as well as changing my behavior to improve my body and prevent the pain. The office is also really great about changing/moving appointments and really worked with my chaotic schedule to fit me in and get me adjusted when I needed it. I am feeling 100% better and now know how to take care of myself to keep from going back to that pain again. I would highly recommend Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness to anyone who is in pain and wants to fix the problem rather than take a bunch of painkillers to numb the pain. I also highly recommend them for anyone who has had a baby!”

~D. Gift

“Nothing but great things to say about Green Life. I have a number of issues with spine alignment, muscle imbalance, and chronic low back and neck pain. I attribute it to years of rugby as well as overall bad posture and lots of time in the car commuting. I finally decided to seek treatment when my hip was causing major problems and the pain wasn’t resolving on it’s own with rest. Being new to the area, I did some research and made an appointment at Green Life after reading nothing but great reviews. The initial exam was thorough, very well explained and I was presented with a few options for treatment. I love the comprehensive approach of adjustments, therapies and physical therapy exercises. I’m feeling better already after just a few weeks and I’m excited about potential corrections and pain reduction. After my first few visits, I brought my wife in who was 38 weeks pregnant at the time and Dr. Mary Beth was amazing with her! Dr. Green, Dr. Mary Beth, Hannah and Alexandra are all genuine, friendly, and really care about your overall health & wellness and ensuring you have a positive experience.”

~R. Whited

“Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness has been a game-changer!!! My life has improved dramatically over the past 6 months ago. I was having constant shoulder and back pain,tingling hands, sore neck, etc. from sitting long hours behind the wheel of a car and I had no idea what was wrong. During my initial visit, Dr. Mary Beth took some x-rays and diagnosed the problems in a flash. Even more amazing, Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Green gave me multiple program options which allowed me to be as aggressive as I wanted to be in my recovery.

In today’s world, it is extremely important to get multiple opinions when it comes to one’s health. The team approach at Green Life made me feel like my recovery was priority number one. I can now go back to doing the things that I love to do pain free!

Thanks, Green Life!”

~T. Trego

“When first starting my journey to a ‘better knee’ with GreenLife, I had no idea just how much they would do for me.

I can say without a doubt that by making time to go to GreenLife, my overall health and wellness has improved tremendously.

Both owners are so knowledgeable and positive. Their good energy and direction feeds my day every time I get the chance to go there. They’ve guided me with choices I’ve made to all around live a better life.

Love this place and recommend everyone I know!”

~L. Flaim

“Dr.’s Brandt and Mary Beth are wonderful to work with. I started seeing them about a month ago for a variety of ailments from past injuries and my active lifestyle. They have helped me to correct old injuries that were creating imbalances in my posture and causing me pain. Since I have been working with them my chronic aches and pains have subsided and I am now recovering faster from workouts, triathlons, and the day to day grind of an active 35 year old with three kids lifestyle. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their overall wellness!!!”


“I have never felt in better hands! Dr. Green and Dr. Steele are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They are usually able to see me the same day with little to none wait time. I’ve been to them for thoracic, lumbar, and hip pain and by the time I leave their office the pain is gone and my whole body feels more mobile. I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of a great, trustworthy chiropractor in the area.”

~E. Brady

“Life Changing! This is not your ordinary chiropractic office. Green Life is a cross between, a chiropractor, physical therapist and life coach. I would recommend Green Life to anyone who asked. I came to them with a ruptured disc and my quality of life was in decline. I made it clear to them what I hoped for and that I really wanted to avoid surgery. I am closing in my goals with them 8 weeks later and feel fantastic. I owe it all to Green Life!”

~P. Foley

“I had a frozen shoulders for about 5 years. It never bothered me, I just couldn’t lift my hand at a certain angle.
I worked around it and didn’t care much until a few month ago when it got inflamed.

I am very pain tolerant and wouldn’t take any drugs until it is the last resort.
The pain was 3 times more than I could handle and I couldn’t move my hand even a few inches.
I believe in a natural way of healing and I didn’t want to get cortisol shots or other drugs.
But at this point I had to take a pain killer to be able to sleep. The next day I found Green Life Chiropractic, they took me right away.

After the first adjustment I went from 3 pain killers a day to only one for the night and had already gained some hand movement without pain.
My next two adjustments were back to back after the first one.
After the third adjustment I stopped pain killer completely. Shoulders were still sore but it was manageable.

Dr. Brandt Green and Dr. Mary Beth Steele gave me a good suggestions on exercising the shoulder and on some natural supplements to take.
In a few weeks I was back to my previous movements range, where my shoulder would only will freeze at certain angels.
I continued with exercising and additionally to being adjusted by Dr. Green I had a few treatments of acupuncture. All together I made huge improvements.

This event made me realize how it is important to keep your muscles flexible.
Thank you Dr. Green and Dr. Steele, you helped me to get on the right track to stay more active and keep my body aligned.”

~N. Tull

“I’m normally extremely active but this excruciating pain hit me one day and I pretty much felt like I was dying–I could not move. I thought some rest would relieve the pain but nothing improved. I finally decided to make the appointment.

I’ve never been to a chiropractor so I really did not know what to expect. However, both Dr. Green and Dr. Steele are warm and welcoming.

Both doctors interact with other clients with warmth and familiarity. Dr. Green was upbeat and energetic while he attended to several other clients.

They have an open area setting that could be a bit off putting for private-type folks. You do see other clients and can be seen by others while you are in “treatment.” There’s a good vibe throughout — the clients are smiling and friendly, a variety of musical artists playing overhead, and happy chatter abounds.

They do have a private consultation room for closed door private consultations and encourage exchange and confidences. That’s also where the X-Rays are done.

I consulted with Dr. Green regarding my pain and he took the time to ask questions about the situation, listened and summarized well. He did a visual analysis of my standing and sitting postures and saw that the pain was causing me to favor one side and putting additional strain on my spine.

He was excellent about explaining the source of pain, how posture improvement would relieve the pain, examining my desk work area to determine if it could be a contributing factor to my symptoms (It was), and his recommendations for the treatment procedure to relieve existing pain and prevent future pain.

I had expected a manual approach for an “adjustment” but he wanted to relieve the pain due to a pinched nerve in my neck first. I was lead to a modernized medieval stretching contraption that he referred to as a decompression machine. It was comfortable and hardly noticeable as it slowly “stretched” the neck area. It was amazingly effective that first treatment. I could immediately feel prior symptoms relieved and felt much better.

Follow up visits included increasing my time on the decompression machine and manual adjustments. The combined approach not only relieved my immediate symptoms but made me review all aspects of my daily surroundings to improve them for more comfort, and pay more attention to my posture, reading and how I hold my iPhone to put less pressure on my neck.

I’m a raving fan and so happy that my pain was naturally relieved and felt so good in the process.”

~K. Barton

“After many months of back pain I found Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness’ Amazon deal thinking all I needed was a massage and minor adjustment. After my first exam it was discovered I had severe structural mis-alignment needing to be reversed to prevent hip replacement in the imminent future. I couldn’t be more thankful I found Dr. Green & Dr. Mary Beth to help me through the correction process. They took their time to explain what was wrong through tangible evidence and made sure I understood why this was happening. They provided a thorough timeline for correction with flexibility to follow as it see fit in my own schedule. And provided numerous exercises & specific advice to help sustain my path to a healthy body for years to come. Not only will you receive simple adjustments for your back from Green Life, you will obtain the tools you need to keep your back & body healthy so your pain doesn’t return. These doctors are extremely knowledgable in the Chiropractic field AND provide a personalized experience while eliminating your pain. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Green Life & I hope you choose to do the same!”

~K. Jastromb

“I went to Green Life because of a longstanding ankle injury. During my treatment I saw significant improvement and I am dramatically improved with extended care. I am now getting treated for a recent AC separation and seeing results exceeding what my orthopedic surgeon suggested I would. I always look forward to my visits there and my girlfriend says Dr. Green is my man crush. 🙂
William Small”

“Drs. Green and Mary Beth are excellent! After a couple of wake boarding
spills this past summer, I had developed a low grade neck pain that would
worsen when I worked. I’m a massage therapist and I do yoga and run to stay
fit. The pain would sometimes increase with those activities and eventually
I was working out less while managing my discomfort. A friend referred me
to GreenLife Chiropractic where she had received relief from neck pain. I
met with Dr. Green who took x-rays, showed me what was happening
structurally, and discussed a plan of treatment. Within a few visits
consisting of light physical therapy, manual adjustments and traction, the
pain was almost gone and no longer constant. Dr. Green also demonstrated
what I can do on my own to continue regaining range of motion and stay pain
free. I appreciate Drs. Green and Mary Beth’s knowledgeable and caring
approach to individualized treatment and I’m thrilled to be feeling good
again. :)”

~D. Lamonica

“I recently began to have symptoms of sciatica, intense pain on my lower left side. I looked at many chiropractic providers in my area for treatment, but decided on Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness. The office was well designed with a nice atmosphere. It is located in Annapolis, which was perfect for me as I work at the United States Naval Academy. Also they have an evening schedules so I can go right after work.
On my initial visit I had a consultation with Dr. Green. I really like how he explained to me in easy comprehendible terms what I needed to do to treat the problems I was having with my back. I also found the procedures and equipment they used were very progressive. After getting started within a couple of weeks I felt improvement, and less PAIN.
Much of the stress on my spine is caused by my poor posture. Dr. Green began working with me to improve my bio-mechanics and right away it began to feel more natural for me to hold my head, shoulders and hips in line. Dr. Green demonstrated how body language plays a major role in communication. I found just by improving my posture that people are more open with me, and I actually feel more confident.
The improvement I have experienced at Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness has given me new hope of living a healthier life without chronic pain.”

~D. O’Connor

“Green Life has a very holistic approach to wellness. The Wellness part of the name is not just a tagline, it is a philosophy that is practiced every day with every patient. Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth are great with all members of the family and they care about every patient and community health. Their passion for individual well being is infectious in a positive way. I genuinely enjoy my visits, adjustments, and discussions with the Doc’s about how to eat better, stretch more, and live life to the fullest. They have helped me realize so much about health comes down to proper nutrition, staying active, and keeping the body aligned to maintain function, form, and happiness. My life is much better because of their practice. I have been going there for a year now, and will continue.”

~Major Best

“I would highly recommend Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness to anyone having body aches and pains. When I knew I needed to see a chiropractor concerning my back issues I had to make the choice of which local doctor was best for me. I’m not always lucky when it comes to making choices but this is one choice I know was the best choice! When I first came in I was experiencing excruciating back pain and the last chiropractor I went to did not remedy the problem. Dr Green gave me a consultation, took X-rays and showed me exactly what was going on as well as telling me what was needed to remedy the situation. He took his time and I did not feel rushed like the majority of doctors do. I knew from the first day I was at the right place.

As I began my treatments he explained that there would be ups and downs at the beginning as I was feeling good one day then not feeling good on others. He always explained exactly what was going on with my body and why I was feeling the way I did. I’ve been to many different chiropractors but never was given the knowledge Dr Green and Dr Mary Beth would share with me about my body. To put it simple they gave me the feeling that they cared how I felt and would do anything to make me feel better. I soon told my wife about my experience and now she comes for treatment.

I had other issues and pains going on in my body and they worked on these as well. These are things that I never expected when I first went in. They went far above my expectations for a chiropractor and I’m thankful that I chose them.

After going through the ups and downs during my treatments I now feel 120% better than when I started. My nagging back and neck pain is completely gone as well as the elbow issue I had in which another doctor said I needed surgery on. Who would have known? Thank you Dr Green and Dr Mary Beth for fixing me without medicine or surgery. I’m grateful, and I will continue to go for wellness and body maintenance.”

~A. Williams

“Wonderful, comprehensive repair.”

~E. Parnell

-“I found Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness last summer, and I’m so happy I did. My experience has been amazing! I really like the focus isn’t solely on adjustment and improving function–I can go anywhere for that–but also involves educating the patient on total body wellness through nutrition and physical activity.”

“Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth are very knowledgeable and professional, and also quite passionate about what they do. They take time to explain things (which I appreciate) and it’s obvious from the moment you walk in the door that they truly care about their patients. Both of my children (ages 4 and 11 months) are seen by Dr. Mary Beth. She is fantastic! I’ve seen many other kids in the office and they all adore her. My son even tells me now when he feels like he needs an adjustment. If you are looking for a chiropractor, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Highly recommended!”

-Jennifer B.


-“I would highly recommend Dr. Brandt Green and Dr. Mary Beth Steele of Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness. The doctors are very current in chiropractic care and wellness. They have introduced me to a better way to help myself take care of my body by good chiropractic care and proper nutrition. By introducing me to The Whole 30 approach to nutrition, I have almost eliminated stiffness and pain associated with arthritis. I’m more functional and enjoying day to day life where before it would cause me discomfort. They are very supportive of their patients and go above and beyond to make sure the care they provide is the best!!”

-Nancy C.


-“Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness has changed my life for the better!!! They’re small private location puts me at ease and their multi-dimensional approach to care motivates me to lead a better, healthier life on top of getting treated in their office. FANTASTIC doctors as professionals and as people.”

-Ashley L.


“I have had nothing but great experiences at Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness. You always receive a warm greeting when entering the door and the care is top notch. I began going there due to some ongoing back pain issues and have had tremendous improvements since receiving care from the Doctors at Green Life. Not only did they help fix my symptoms, but they also gave me advice on ways to prevent more pain in the future. In addition to Chiropractic, they also have a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and exercise and are passionate about educating overall wellness.

The Doctors here truly do care about you living life to the fullest. If you are looking for someone to give you some type of medication to mask something that is going on, this is not the place for you. Instead, they work through these issues with you to get you functioning at 100%.”

Justin S. 4/17/2014


     “I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to Green Life Chiropractic and Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth. 

I started my care at Green Life about a year ago on the recommendation of my wife (who typically doesn’t want anything to do with this type of treatment) the care I received was great and now my entire family is seen by Green Life. Most recently I had a major back/Shoulder issue and just dropped in hoping they would see me and even though it wasn’t the normal office hours they welcomed me in and took great care of me and now I am pain free. This sure beats muscle relaxers and pills.

Bottom line, If you are looking to practice a healthy lifestyle.  I would highly recommend Green life Chiropractic to anyone.”

-Travis K. and family June 2014


“When I first came here, my knee had been all swollen and was afraid I would need to have my knee tapped or some type of surgery. After some x-rays realized it just was me being out of alignment. I got some immediate relief. I have recommended their office to both individuals and businesses.”

Linda M. ~2013


“I have been a patient at Green Life for about nine months. Before coming to Green Life, I went every other year maybe to a local chiropractor to treat acute back pain flare-ups. I experienced some relief from my chiropractic visits, but generally I left with only a vague understanding of what chiropractic was and what I needed to do to prevent these acute flare-ups. In July of 2013, I was introduced to Dr. Green and Dr. Steele through my parents, who had recently become patients at Green Life. I had my initial consultation with Dr. Steele and next-day follow-up discussion of my x-rays with Dr. Green during which he discussed chiropractic and how it affected my specific health situation for an entire hour. I’ve never had a doctor take that kind of time to explain my state of health and best health practices to me.

The time and genuine interest Dr. Green and Dr. Steele put into my initial visits alone demonstrated to me that GreenLife was different and had great potential to help me. After ninth months and many adjustments and discussions, my knowledge and understanding of how the human body is designed to live and to heal has dramatically increased and been challenged. I have brought questions (practically every visit) regarding nutrition, fitness, chiropractic, environmentalism, and lifestyle to Dr. Green and Dr. Steele and am thankful to have two doctors who care to consistently take the time to better my health and my understanding of health. As I write, I am in the process of applying to medical school. I wholeheartedly plan to take what I have learned and how I’ve been challenged to change my concepts and my habits for the better into medical school and beyond.
Thank you Dr. Green and Dr. Steele! I appreciate you both!”

Noelle M. 4/30/2014


            “My name is Dana and I am 51 years old. A couple years ago, thinking I was in good health, I noticed my blood pressure was elevated. After some time, my doctor wanted me to take prescription medicine to control it. Ok, sure, wasn’t everyone I knew over the age of 50 on blood pressure meds? Isn’t that normal? So I began taking the pills and still thought I was in good health. One year ago, I was told that I had high cholesterol and my doctor wanted to put me on another prescription. I was really bummed. I didn’t want to be one of those “older” persons on all sorts of prescription drugs to “maintain my health”. It sickened me. I decided not to take the drug and to take control of my health. 

            Fortunate for me, I knew of GreenLife Chiropractic & Wellness and spoke to them about my health issues. I have been with GreenLife since the fall of 2012. They taught me the importance of spinal adjustments and overall movement, and what was really in the “healthy” foods that I was eating. It was a real eye opener. Here I thought I was eating healthy, that the government would not allow food to be produced and sold that was bad for our health. How wrong I was. My husband and I have changed the way that we live and eat. My blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol level dropped 30 points and is now in the normal range. I can’t thank Drs. Green and Marybeth enough for teaching us a healthy style of living!”

Dana R. July 1, 2013


Green Life is not on chiropractic care, it serves as an overall wellness-life care.  The practice focuses on an overall well-being which includes the Core 4 (chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and supplements).  The doctors care about your whole being and the quality of life.

Wendy K. 1/8/2014


“The Green Life Dr.s have completely changed my life. I’m 50 years old with a family history of Diabetes and Heart Disease. ALL the women in my family( 2 sisters, ages 47 and 50 and my Mother, age 51) died by the age of 51. So you can see my concern. I was on BP meds for over 10 years when I started getting adjusted regularly. I am happy to say that I am medication FREE and I feel better than I have in 20 years. I have also learned the value of proper nutrition, exercise and education thanks to these Dr Green and Dr Mary Beth. Anyone who rates them less than perfect just didn’t get the “concept” or probably should have hit the corner liquor store instead!!!!”

Pam C. 1/9/2014


“In just a couple of short months of chiropractic care, I have noticed a difference in my energy levels, physical comfort and mental health. It’s been very positive!”

Jamie H. 3/28/2014


“It has been a great month & half and I have seen a lot of success. It is so good not having pain in my shoulders & lower back all the time. Thanks. “

Beverly A. 3/20/2014


“Surely for the better! When I lay down at night I now sleep without constantly changing positions due to shoulder and or back pain, so I know for sure the day I walked into the hall and met Dr. Green and Dr. Mary Beth was a day that changed and is continually changing my life, to not be in constant pain, priceless. Making the decision to invest in your health and wellness with Green Life Wellness and Chiropractic is and will be one of the best decisions you will make. 

What pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice?

That the information quoted was what I experienced and the results are showing as I was informed. Secondly the totality of the program working the whole part of your body and the programs and information. 

I would and have recommended this program to family and friends as I want everyone I know to experence this life changing program. “

Anita G. 7/3/2013

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