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Sports Injuries

Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete, or just enjoy being active, inevitably injuries happen. When injuries do occur they need to be addressed immediately to avoid them getting worse. At Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness we will examine the injury and not only come up with an appropriate method of treatment but also look for the cause of the injury. Some injuries have obvious causes, like being hit by a ball or a fall, others seem to come on with no known cause.

Posture, Biomechanics, and Injuries

When you have poor posture it affects the biomechanics of your spine (how well your spine can move and adapt to stress put on it) which will make you more prone to injuring yourself. Most people today work at a desk, long hours in a poor position and not moving slowly causes problems in the spine and imbalances in your muscles. Then if you go lift weights, take a run, or really do any form of exercise it will unevenly stress your body and either can cause an immediate problem or set you up for injury down the road. Our goal is to catch these problems before they become more serious issues but if you already have had an injury we can help with your rehabilitation.

Sport Injury Treatment

At Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness in Annapolis, Md. we offer a wide variety of treatments to help you make a quick recovery. Our goal is always to get you back to optimal function as soon as possible. If you are still having problems after rest and icing the problem area  give us a call so we can see if we can help! 

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