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True sciatic pain can be caused from irritation to the sciatic nerve either at the site of the spine or at your piriformis muscle. The pain is typically found in one leg and can range from dull to completely debilitating. The good news is with the right combination of treatment and therapies the prognosis is typically very good.

What is Sciatic Pain?

Sciatica has become a catch-all term for any pain in the low back, hips, and legs. Sciatic pain is actually irritation of the sciatic nerve that causes pain from the low back and/or butt down the back of typically only one leg. If you are experiencing bowel or bladder issues as well as sciatic pain you should seek medical attention immediately.

Causes of Sciatic pain

For some people sciatic pain can simply be caused by a tight piriformis muscle, but for others it may be something more serious like a disc bulge/herniation or spinal stenosis.  The first step is to determine if the pain you are having is true sciatica and what is causing it.

Sciatica Treatment in Annapolis, Md.

 The great news is most sciatic pain can be treated without drugs and surgery. The docs at Green Life Chiropractic and Wellness will do a thorough exam to determine exactly what is causing your pain and then recommend appropriate treatment to get you relief as soon as possible. The docs will work towards getting you back to doing the things you love doing pain free! Don’t suffer from sciatic pain for another day; call us now!






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