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Neck Pain

Neck injury can present itself as localized pain in the cervical spine (neck) or may include:

  • Headaches
  • Pain at the base of the skull
  • Upper back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Chronic muscle tightness

All of these things can be caused by misalignment of the spine and poor posture. Our society as a whole does a lot of sitting and work on computers. Hours a day with the spine in a bad position eventually will lead to stress and strain on your spine, breakdown in the structure, and ultimately pain.

Neck Pain Relief

The great news is, depending on the amount of damage in the spine, we can help get you out of pain, correct poor posture, and prevent further damage to the spine!

Neck Pain Treatment

Below is a diagram showing normal versus abnormal neck curvature. By detecting any abnormal curvature in your neck, we are able to check the stability of your spine, and determine what is causing your neck pain. Restoring the proper curvature in your neck relieves the strain on the surrounding muscles and ligaments, prevents abnormal loading of the cervical discs, and stops irritation to the neck joints and nerves. 


Green Life Chiropractic Wellness neck diagram


Safe Neck Pain Relief in Annapolis

We provide effective and drug-free neck pain relief as an alternative to surgery. Through chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy modalities, and our decompression table , we can help you get relief from your neck pain! If you live in Annapolis or its surrounding areas, we are here to help you.

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