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Are Headaches Normal?

Many people think headaches are a “normal” thing to have, but they definitely are not. We know how debilitating regular headaches and migraines can be. They will keep you from your family, work, and doing the things you love. While almost everyone has suffered from a headache at one point in their lives or another, it is those who have chronic headaches whose lives are most affected. 

What Causes Headaches?

There are many things that can cause a headache, dehydration, chemicals, and hormone imbalance being just some causes.  We are looking specifically at structural misalignments that may be causing your headaches. These misalignments could have been caused by a car accident, poor posture/structure, or a sport injury, to name a few.  When the bones in your neck misalign and you lose good posture it can cause inflammation in the nerves that travel up into your head. It will also cause muscle spasm and irritation to the muscle origin and insertion points. You have several muscles that travel from your upper back and neck and attach onto the skull and often times can trigger a headache when irritated.

Drug Free Headache Treatment

If you are suffering from headaches or migraines don’t wait another day to find out if we can help. Through drug-free and non-surgical treatment we may be able to reduce or stop your headaches/migraines. Often times chiropractic care is overlooked for the treatment of headaches, but research shows it is one of the simplest and safest ways to obtain relief. If you are in Annapolis or its surrounding areas contact our headache specialists today!

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