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We have fast and lasting solutions for many health concerns including:

 Low and Mid-back Pain
 Neck Pain
 Disc Pain or Herniation
 Headaches and Migraines
 Sports Injuries
 Shoulder, Elbow, or Wrist Pain 
 Hip, Knee, or Ankle Pain
 Sprain/Strain Injuries
 Pregnancy Pain
 Personal Injury
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Let us help reduce or eliminate your neck or back pain fast, 

 restore proper function, and improve your life. 

Located in Annapolis, MD, Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness is dedicated to helping you get pain relief fast and  achieve your health goals through evidence based chiropractic techniques and rehabilitation therapies. Learn more about our approach here.

If you are interested in getting started and feeling better fast, we offer 2 options.
  1. The first option is to make an appointment for an initial consultation, provided at no charge, so everyone feels comfortable with the next steps going forward.
  2. The second option is to schedule an appointment for the initial examination if you already know that is the right solution for you. This is the quickest way to get started and feel better faster!

Natural Pain Relief and Chiropractic

 serving Annapolis, Parole, Crofton,

Severna Park, and Eastport


We understand that acute and chronic pain and discomfort can take it’s toll on everyday life. There are solutions and we may have them. We also understand that spinal alignment and function are essential for optimal health.

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By specializing in evidence-based CBP spinal corrective chiropractic, a chiropractic technique known for its scientific foundation and ability to achieve results, Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Green provide comprehensive and tailored care for every patient.

As doctors committed to improving patients’ health, Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Green know chiropractic can help people of all ages.

With a focus and enthusiasm to help children and pregnant women, Dr. Mary Beth specializes in pediatric chiropractic and pregnancy chiropractic and is also a member of the ICPA and Webster Certified..

Dr. Green specializes in Sports Chiropractic, rehab, taping, and prevention strategies for athletes, runners, and cross-fitters of all ages.

From a natural, holistic perspective of health, Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Green also incorporates other services into their practice in order to meet the needs of each patient. These services include physical therapy modalities, neuromuscular re-education, core strengthening, nutritional evaluation and detoxification protocols.

If you are new to our website, please take the time to discover and learn about Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Green, Chiropractic Biophysics Technique, Cranial Therapy, the ICPA, and the many health and wellness tools available through this site.

We welcome your questions and feedback. Thanks for visiting.

Live Well

Dr. Mary Beth Steele & Dr. Brandt Green

Green Life Chiropractic & Wellness |  (410) 224-4348

45 Old Solomons Island Rd. Suite 102

Annapolis, MD 21401

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45 Old Solomons Isl. Rd.
Suite 102
Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 224-4348